For 25 Years Suzanna has been bringing the songs and “geist” of continental Europe to the stage.

Born from a Russian mother, Suzanna sings romantic and traditional Russian songs, with a voice that makes you feel the scenery, the tragedy and the joy of a country that has seen so much. German on her father’s side, she brings the joyful, often dark cabaret songs of the twenties and thirties, but also postwar chansons. They are songs from Germany, again a country that has seen much turmoil over the last century, brought on stage by Susanna and her friend Karsten Troyke in a Chanson Total program, sometimes with a tear, always with a smile.

Travelling through Europe like a gypsy, always curious, always looking for new views and new horizons, she sings lots of traditional Roma songs. Leaving Eastern Europe behind, she sings chansons from Paris and gypsy songs from Spain, all brought in the same voice, filled with expression, feeling, character.

In her singing she picks up her audience and takes them with her on this same journey. In the end this journey takes her back to Berlin, the town where she picked up the more modern chansons of Götz Lindenberg, her old time friend and pianist, and where she founded a band called Spreefalter to sing his songs.

With Peter Maffay, Reynhard Mey, Tim Bendzko, Nina Hagen and others, she stars on the CD Poem, with German interpretations of Leonhard Cohen Songs.


1 Hab’ kein’ rock (Nane Tsocha) 3:03
2 Utomljonnoje Solntse, Suzanna & Trio Scho 3:00
3 Enamorada Estoy, Suzanna & El Alemán 4:12
4 Am Morgen (feat. Daniel Weltlinger) 3:30
5 El Porompompero, Suzanna & El Alemán 2:49
6 Sieh Die Leute Steh’n (Addeysh Kann Fi Nas feat. Karsten Troyke] 3:48
7 Lyuba (Solnitchka feat. Slava Ardachev] 5:08
8 Samba ’em Preludio, Mark De Fockert, Lise & Suzanna 3:26
9 Yo No Podía Vivir Sin Ti (Mira Me), Suzanna & El Alemán 3:20
10 Unser War Die Nacht (Bezhit Reka), Suzanna & Trio Scho 3:03
11 Noches De Bohemia, Suzanna & El Alemán 3:12
12 Erev Shel Shoshanim, Suzanna & Karsten Troyke 2:57
13 Johnny, Tu n’es Pas Un Ange, Sinti Swing Berlin, Martin Weiss
& Suzanna 3:26
14 Jessenin-Lied (Ot Govorila Roshtsha Zolotaya) 4:02
15 Tum Balalaike, Karsten Troyke, Trio Scho & Suzanna 2:33
16 Echo De Menos, Suzanna & El Alemán 3:06
17 Man Sagt (The Rose feat. Maria Albarracín] 3:44

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Many Love Songs (Lauter Liebeslieder)

Artist :
Title : Many Love Songs (Lauter Liebeslieder)
Release Date : February 8, 2015
Label :
Format : CD

Suzanna – die deutsch-russische Sängerin mit der warmen, tiefen Stimme – singt lauter Liebeslieder gemeinsam mit:
Trio Scho, Gitarrist El Aleman, Karsten Troyke, Daniel Weltlinger, mit ihrer Tochter Maria, Mark de Fockert u. a.
Es sind Suzannas eigene Songs aber auch spanische, portugiesische, arabische und französische Liebeslieder.