Disc 1:
1.I’m your man
2. Gypsy wife
3. Field Commander Cohen
4. Chelsea Hotel
5. Manhattan
6. The guests
7. A singer must die
8. Famous blue raincoat
9. Light as the breeze 10. The future

Disc 2:
1. Take this waltz
2. 1958 Manifesto
3. Seems so long ago, Nancy
4. Intro to Jazz Police
5. Jazz Police
6. Suzanne
7. Who by fire
8. Bird on a wire
9. Memories
10. Halleluyah
11. Everybody knows
12. Closing time
13. The dove
14. Dance me to the end of love

The album was recorded live at The Vanguard, Sydney, on the 12th, 13th & 14th April 2007.

Yaron Hallis (Lead vocals, rhythm guitar)
Edouard Bronson (Saxes, bass clarinet, button accordion)
Marcello Maio (Piano, piano accordion)
Mark Harris (Double bass, backing vocals)
Jim “Santiago# Pennell (Lead and rhythm guitar)
Julian Curwin (Banjo, guitar)
Giosofatto Ciampa (Percussion, backing vocals)
Anatoli Torjinski (Cello)
Daniel Weltlinger (Violin)

Guest vocalists:
Carla Werner
Elana Stone
Abby Dobson

Monsieur Camembert’s interpretations traverse styles rarely if ever associated with Cohen, including Hot Swing, free-jazz, tango, latin, klezmer etc etc. So what prompted Camembert to do Cohen? Yaron Hallis, leader of the group, explains for years our most requested song has been Cohens Dance Me To The End Of Love, and many fans have suggested we do a whole night of Cohen. It’s quite thrilling to finally take on this body of material, and be joined by guest singers I so greatly admire, who on the most cerebral and instinctive level, connect with and interpret his songs with such raw beauty, there are lots of Australian singers I was tempted to approach for the show, but very few had the quality in their voice that I felt was especially suited to interpret his music. With Cohen, absolutely every word counts, and for the material to really work, there has to be vulnerability, sensuality and complete emotional truth.

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Famous Blue Cheese

Artist :
Title : Famous Blue Cheese
Release Date : January 1, 2007
Format : CD